These days there are various types of business networking events available. It’s occasionally very difficult to know which ones to join or go to especially if you are new to the business or just new to the idea of organic networking. Make a date with Business Speed Networking Sydney Event by Authentic Education: Oct 25 Sydney.
You simply can’t go to all of them so you will need some selection process and selection criteria. One aspect you could look at is the cost.
There are some completely free business events around but often these are not especially structured for networking, and it will be up to you to the network without becoming an obstacle a label not good for you or your business. By the way, an obstacle networker is someone who simply shows up at any old event and gets right for selling whatever it is they have to offer to anyone they can hasp onto.


Business Networking Events and Networking Organizations are a result of a very innovative concept of bringing professionals from various backgrounds all under one roof. Such networking not only helps to build up new opportunities for any business setup but also enables many business entrepreneurs to be visible on the social circuit that eventually means a boost to his business dealings. The aim of bringing all these very eager and enthusiastic people together is basically to enable them to build up new contacts, open up great opportunities for a partnership if the need is so and also to bring about a general widening of the business horizon.

Dos and Don’ts at Business Networking Events and Networking Organizations:

There are a few dos and don’ts that need to be followed while attending any of the programs organized by these Business Networking Events and Networking Organizations.
It should be kept in mind that it is always wiser to send invitations to friends, relatives, and associates who would in some way derive help from such events.However, it is important to make them feel comfortable if this is the first time that they’re attending such a do.
Pre-plans of who are the people that need to be contacted and an effort to exchange phone numbers at the event with a polite conversation where necessary are most important points to remember.
Always better to take down notes and listen to what the main speakers at the meet have to say. Information about the agenda and members of the particular organization are usually given in the listings, so it is better not to ask unnecessary questions.
How can one be assured of bringing in positive changes at such events and not be cheated?
An important point to note is that these events are mostly attended by top officials and people in the top levels of business organizations only.Thus, there are no risk factors involved such as people asking for business investment capital or even opportunists who would look out for soft targets. On the contrary, this sort of a high-end event will only help to bring in great opportunities, gather proper know-how and also to establish business contacts that will remain intact even after years and years of association.