How-To-Stop-Procrastinating-2Sometimes it’s nice to have a little sense of failure. Not that we should either desire to fail or that failure, in itself, is a good thing. We all are better at some things than others. But until we find where we do fit in, we need to know how to stop procrastination and not let it stop us altogether.

All of us have opportunities to fail. We don’t have to believe, however, that it means we should not go forward, anyway. Besides, what would ever get done in the world if we all had that same attitude?

Thomas Edison tried 700 times to find a substance that would be able to be used as a filament for the light bulb. Others suggested that he quit, but he went on. His answer to them was simply that he had not failed 700 times, but that he found 700 substances that would not work. Shortly after this, he found the element he needed.

Here are five steps to help you stop procrastinating:

1. Turn a lack of success into an opportunity. Just because you are in a job in which you do not excel, does not mean that you will not do very well at another job. It only means you have not yet found one that you can shine in. Instead of letting it freeze you in your tracks, realize that there is something out there that will suit you better than where you are.

2. Never let the past prevent you from moving forward. By not seeking to go forward, you are creating your prison. If for example, you want a new job look for other work – but be wise in the course you take. Be strategic in devising the best way to make the improvements you want and work out a simple step by step plan you can follow.

3. Set your goals higher.

You have classed yourself as being mediocre. You may be – but you do not have to stay there. Find a way to develop some marketable talent, and prepare yourself by learning it well. Take some classes, or learn a different skill by reading, or going online. This may take a little time, but select a higher goal, and then go after it. Then, when it is developed enough – get that other job.

4. Go for those goals with all you have.

Stop for no one and nothing. It is your ticket to another world – one that you can reach. Remember that the upwards road is not always the easiest, but it does lead to where you want to go.

Once you commit 100% to a goal others will respond differently to your requests for input and help. People will see that you are serious and find it difficult to ignore you.

5. Take someone with you.

Perhaps others may be feeling the same as you. But by taking some on your journey, and helping them, you will be surprised at how you also are served to overcome what you might not attempt to do alone.

Success is usually a team effort so make a point of building a strong support network. You´ll also have a lot more fun when you share your success with someone who supported you through thick and thin.